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Enhancing Student Success Through Thoughtful Design and Customized Storage Solutions

As the school year begins anew, the exciting flurry of dorm move-in is underway! College students pack their vehicles to the brim with prized possessions to then navigate the organized chaos of unloading and settling into their dormitories. In this annual rite, the significance of a well-structured living space becomes paramount.

Through insightful collaboration with leaders in higher education, Organized Living has come to understand how dorm life profoundly impacts students' success. Amid the pandemic's impact, college students have seen increased mental health issues. According to a Multi-Housing News article, Psychologist Vijayeta Sinh confirms, "A student's living environment has an important role in supporting their mental health. When we are set up for success in our environment, it allows us to thrive."

When students face challenges in their living environment, it adds a level of stress that takes away focus from the student's academic responsibilities. By embracing intelligent design strategies when building student housing, Owner Developers wield the potential to create an environment conducive to learning. Such an environment not only cultivates a sense of belonging but also contributes to improving college retention rates.

freedomRail Reach-in Closet in White with blue men and women shirts, dresses, bottoms, and shoes.

Organized Living's storage solutions serve to promote student success. As students transition from home to dorm life, we recognize the urgency of addressing storage needs during move-in, especially for parents. Intelligent storage solutions play a key role in establishing clutter-free spaces that encourage relaxation and focus, alleviating stress and anxiety.

When it comes to catering to students' distinct storage requirements, adjustable solutions prove to be the ideal answer. freedomRail® is the only truly adjustable storage solution on the market. With its unparalleled flexibility and effortless component modifications, freedomRail empowers students to mold their storage space to fit their needs perfectly.

  • Adjustable to suit diverse abilities, from able-bodied to unable-bodied students in the same dorm room.
  • The system is ADA-compliant and can be adapted after installation as needs change. 
  • Students can customize closets and add accessories to feel at home and have increased storage.
  • Provides the strength required to store all of their belongings.

Through collaboration and innovation, we aim to create storage solutions that foster growth, productivity, and a sense of home for students during their educational journey. To learn more about how Organized Living and our product line can satisfy your students and grow your profits, contact Kyle Wilkins, Director of Multifamily, at 513-277-3714 or [email protected].