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Owner Developers

Future-proof your properties with quality storage solutions guaranteed to increase rental income and retention rates. It’s never been so easy to add closets to your properties. Let us show you how!


Technology to Eliminate the Hassle

Bid360® is the industry-leading software to manage closets from bid to installation. It is the only complete construction project workflow for closet shelving, so you can rest easy knowing the details are taken care of.

  • Establish Project Spec Levels for your entire portfolio of properties.
  • Accurately contract closets based on your established brand standards.
  • Eliminate all change orders for closets.

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We were in a bind because we had overlooked our closets and were about to open. Sher-wood and Organized Living pulled through quickly and with great service. The install was easy and the product looks great! I would use them again and again.
Kyle Jardine
PEG Development for Springhill Suites

Products You Can Trust

We are focused on providing Owner Developers with products that will increase retention and rental income. Organized Living offers a full breadth of high-quality products for every project type - affordable housing to luxury apartments. We stand behind our products with an industry-leading warranty and the technology to ensure the closets are accurately installed, on budget, and on time.

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Trusted quality products for more than 100 years.

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Full breadth of products for every price, budget, and need.

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Residents love products that allow them to move-in with ease.

Fixed Wire

Ventilated Wire

Standard Fixed Shelving

Organized Living Lifetime Ventilated is the only commercial-grade wire shelving system in the industry. It holds 75 pounds per linear foot, which provides the strength and durability that residents expect in their storage spaces. With the thickest wire gauge, an epoxy powder coating, lifetime warranty, and patented hardware, our ventilated systems are engineered for a lifetime.

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Ventilated Wire Documents

Ventilated Wire Specification Sheet


Ventilated Wire Statement of Line


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Fixed Wood


Refined Fixed Wood Shelving

Differentiate your properties with VUE®. Give residents the look and feel of custom shelving with no exposed hardware and gap-free installation. From economical shelf and rod solutions to value-added options and accessories, your residents will love VUE for years to come.

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Vue Specification Sheet


Vue Statement of Line


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Truly Adjustable Storage

freedomRail® is the right storage solution for your project, meeting the needs of current and future residents. freedomRail installs fast and 100% after paint. Because of our patented hardware, no blocking is required and only the Rail is attached to the wall. Installation does not interfere with other trades and many components require no assembly. freedomRail meets ADA requirements, making it accessible for all ages and abilities.

Learn More About freedomRail

Collage of freedomRail in Century Gray, White, and Granite Gray. Includes walk-in closet, pantry, and garage.


freedomRail Brochure
freedomRail Specification Sheet
freedomRail Statement of Line
freedomRail Garage Brochure

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Traditional Built-In Storage

Select® is fast, strong, and easy to install. A high-quality affordable solution for multifamily professionals who want a traditional, built-in closet system that residents demand. Select can differentiate your property, increase rental income, and retain residents longer.

Learn More About Select

Collage of Select in Century Gray, White, and Granite Gray. Includes walk-in closet, pantry, and garage.


Select Brochure


Select Statement of Line


Select Specification Sheet


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Multifamily Showcase

Multifamily professionals choose Organized Living for quality products, innovative programs, and unmatched support. Check out Organized Living products in these projects.

Explore Our Portfolio

Multifamily SkyScrappers
1105 West Peachtree
  • 242 Units
  • 1105 West Peachtree, Atlanta, GA
  • Developer: Selig Enterprises



Multifamily apartment buildings
Sandidge Way
  • 196 Units
  • 100 Sandidge Way, Albany, NY
  • Developer: Dawn Homes



Multifamily SkyScrappers
1400 W. Randolph St
  • 278 Units
  • 1400 W Randolph Street, Chicago, IL
  • Developer: Marquette Companies



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We're ready to provide you accurate and complete project bids so you can give residents the closets they want without the hassle.

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Request a Bid

We're ready to provide you accurate and complete project bids so you can give residents closets they want without the hassle.

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