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Renter Friendly Upgrades

With the housing market still skyrocketing, there is more interest in renting than before. It’s no secret to residents that finding an affordable, functional, and spacious apartment is hard to do. Thankfully, we’ve got the perfect tools to help residents maximize their space!


freedomRail Reach-in Closet in White with women's clothes and pink background.

We know how hard it can be to find good storage options in a small living space. freedomRail gives you the freedom to create storage that works for your residents. Need more functional closets? freedomRail has accessories to make the closet fit different spaces. No pantry? No problem. freedomRail is for more than just closets with its full adjustability. It's the perfect solution for all of these spaces and more. The biggest benefit to freedomRail is that it can be installed and reinstalled easily. If you're renovating a unit, simply uninstall and reinstall.

Over The Door Kits

Over the Door Kit in White with cleaning supplies and light blue door.

Doors are one of the most neglected areas that can be used in the most beneficial ways. Don’t have a storage option in the bathroom? Use an Over the Door Kit as a solution! These kits are another great solution to the never-ending not-enough-storage battle that doesn’t damage rented spaces and are easy to install.

Activity Organizers

Activity Organizer Kit in Nickel with women's purses and coat.

No entryway, no problem. If you don't have entryway storage, our Activity Organizers are another great way to utilize space. Use an Activity Organizer and install it on an open wall to optimize entryway storage. This is especially helpful for residents in the winter and fall seasons for storing bulky coats and boots.

Kitchen Organizers

Kitchen Organizer in Nickel with purple dinnerware and blue background.

Kitchen cabinets can be scarce and limited in a rental. Luckily, cabinets are usually tall enough to add extra shelving and organizers. We offer a wide range of Kitchen Organizers that can fit any shape and size cabinet you may be working with. This gives residents more opportunity to store bulk items and take fewer trips to the store, because let’s be honest…who wants to go to the store more than they have to?

Want to learn more about how Organized Living and our product line can make closets easy while at the same time satisfying your residents and growing your profits? Contact Kyle Wilkins, Director of Multifamily at 513-277-3714 or  [email protected].