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Make Way for a New Kind of Resident

The Baby Boomer generation is moving from single-family homes to hassle-free apartments. According to Multifamily Executive, they want to maintain their storage and organization needs while downsizing. With our freedomRail adjustable storage system, you can provide these residents with the storage they need for adapting lifestyles.

Boomer Seniors are healthier and better off financially than past elder generations, and their expectations reflect their bank accounts. Multifamily developers must carefully consider the qualities of the senior housing they build to successfully attract these seniors. These qualities consist of the realities of aging. Senior living community design must accommodate the challenges of mobility and additional care support to create comfortable homes and positive experiences.

ADA Compliant

freedomRail Reach-in in White with Canvas basket and woman's hand pulling basket out.

Active aging and the ability to age in place are high on the list of wants by seniors, yet there’s a huge gap in housing that provides ADA-compliant design— only 1 percent of America’s current housing stock offers features such as zero-step home entrances, single-level floor plans, wide hallways and doorways for wheelchair accessibility and other accessibility considerations. Organized Living freedomRail is fully adjustable — adapting effortlessly as a senior's needs change — making it the perfect solution for storage and organization in a Senior Living development. freedomRail components can be raised or lowered, added to or removed from, allowing easy access and use by all regardless of age, size, ability, or disability. 

Functional Design

Womens fR Reach-in Front with hanging, shoe storage, and canvas basket.

To accommodate the likely changes to a senior’s health, their living spaces must be multifunctional, adaptable, and accessible and make the most of limited closet and storage space. Organized Living freedomRail is an ideal choice for storage and organization in a senior unit. It can be height-adjusted, and accessories can be added, reconfigured, or removed so the living space can be modified quickly and easily to accommodate changing needs and abilities.

Quality Expectations

Mens fR Reach-in 6 with baskets, hanging shirts, and man hanging shirt.

Today’s seniors expect the same level of high-quality in the furnishings and decor of the senior communities they select as they were accustomed to in the homes they lived in. Organized Living's freedomRail®, with its eight finishes and countless accessories, combines beauty and versatility with adjustability and ease of use, making it a good fit for senior housing.

Interested in getting more information on how Organized Living supports our Multifamily Developer partners with expert advice on industry and category trends? Contact Kyle Wilkins, Director of Multifamily, at 513-277-3714 or [email protected].