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Versatile Vanities

You either love getting ready, or you don’t. Multifunctional spaces are the new standard for many people. Working from home consumes a good chunk of space in your home, and having a desk that can serve as a place to get ready and a place to work can be vital. Create your dream vanity with these tips and tricks!

Acrylic Organizers

freedomRail Built-in Closet in White with make up and acrylic organizers.

There’s no better feeling than having all your favorite products organized aesthetically. Acrylic organizers are the easiest option for organizing smaller products and items. They can fit in almost any shape or size drawer. Not to mention, they are super easy to clean!

Baskets and Containers

freedomRail Closet in White with container of beauty products and black heart background.

Baskets are a perfect addition when it comes to maintaining bulky items. Open shelving is a great way to display decor and bigger products. Utilize baskets to keep eye-sore items contained and organized.


freedomRail Built-in Closet in White with bed and vanity.

Knowing what and where to put products and items can be a challenge. We recommend choosing "zones" for each drawer, cabinet, or shelf. This helps create a purpose for different areas. Consider putting hair products, face products, makeup, and any other similar items together. 

Use these tips to see your space thrive functionally, keep up with your lifestyle, and stay organized!

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