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Sweater Weather is Approaching

Ah, September. That time of year when it's cool in the mornings, and by late afternoon, you'll be rethinking the sweater you threw on while getting ready.

Now is the perfect time to begin prepping your wardrobe for a mid-year, season-changing purge. Going through your closet can be overwhelming. Doing a mid-year purge will help reduce how many items you're sifting through, and you'll have a good idea of which items you have been wearing and which ones you haven't.

Check out our 4 tricks that will make your next wardrobe purge a breeze!

1. Keep, Trash, Donate!

6 Colorful Post It's with declutter, donate, keep, trash, etc.

When purging your wardrobe, we recommend the three-pile method: keep, trash, and donate. However, doing this in the course of a day takes a lot of time and energy. Stay ahead of the game by placing three labeled empty bins in your bedroom to purge over the course of a couple of months rather than one day.  

2. Price Tag Hack

freedomRail Reach-in Closet in Snowdrift Live with women's skirts, shoes, and dresses.

When buying new garments, keep price tags on all your items until you wear them. You’ll easily recognize the items you haven’t worn in seconds, so you can either return them to the store or send them to the consignment shop.  

3. Hanger Trick

freedomRail Walk-in Closet in White with women's shirts and dresses.

Turn all of your hangers the opposite way in your closet, and as you wear the clothes, return the hangers the correct way. This will make your next wardrobe purge a cakewalk because you can quickly identify the clothes you haven’t worn and know exactly what to get rid of!

4. Time to Toss

freedomRail Walk-in Closet in Century Gray with women's handbags, dresses, and sweaters.

Don’t be afraid just to get rid of it. There are always a few items that somehow survive each round of purging. You’ll likely never wear them (or find something you love even more!). Immediately place the items that don’t fit in the keep, trash, or donate bins to clear your closet.  

A complete closet cleanout doesn’t need to take a lot of time. Implementing a few of these tricks into your daily routine makes it a lot easier. Check out the rest of our blogs for more tips and tricks!


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