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How to Prepare for Holiday Guests

With the holiday season upon us, friends and family are making plans for visits. Preparing your guest room for visitors is more than just cleaning. It's about being organized and having everything ready for them upon arrival. These are six unexpected things to do that will make your guests feel pampered and keep them coming back.

Flowers or holiday-themed decorations.

Wreath decor on cabinet with red and black buffalo checkered ribbon and Santa hat in background.

Surprise your guests with a thoughtful holiday floral arrangement or seasonal decorations. Fresh flowers and fun decorations spruce up any room, and your guests will love the gesture.

Guest room closet.

freedomRail Walk-in Closet in White with robe and towels.

The guest room closet can become an overflow storage area for things like suitcases, out of season clothes and other personal items. Clear out the clutter and give your guests a space for them to unpack. Don't forget the hangers!

Bonus tip! freedomRail gives you and your guests the versatility to move components to fit specific needs.

Extra blankets and pillows.

freedomRail Reach-in Closet in White with blankets and baskets.

Ensure your guests sleep comfortably by providing them with multiple pillow options and extra blankets.

Fully stocked bathroom.

freedomRail Reach-in Closet in White with toiletries and bath towels.

Give your guests the luxuries you find at a hotel, like extra toiletries and fresh towels. With everything they need right at their fingertips, they won't have to worry about running out of anything.

House information.

Ensure you have all the house information readily available to your visitors. Get a little notebook and supply them with the WiFi password, how to use the TV and cable, and a list of places to go if you cannot be with them. If you are comfortable, give them a spare key to the house so they can come and go as they please, along with the alarm codes if you have them.

Stock your pantry.

Classica Pantry with organized canned goods and drinks.

Get your pantry fully stocked with coffee, snacks and special treats that your guests love. They'll appreciate the convenience of having everything they enjoy available to them. 

With these six unexpected things prepared for your guests, they will feel pampered and comfortable in your home. Give your guests the ultimate treat with a freedomRail shelving system in the closet. They'll love that they can adjust the closet as they unpack. Design your perfect guest room closet with the Organized Living Online Design Tool or visit your local dealer today


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