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Is Your Pantry Fulfilling Its True Potential?

When we think about our pantry, we generally think of food. With all there is to store in or near the kitchen, we shouldn’t overlook the pantry as prime real estate for storing non-food items.

Here are five pantry ideas that will change the way you think about utilizing your pantry: 

1. Top Shelves

freedomRail Pantry in White with La Croix's, canned goods and clear containers full of food.

Use the top shelves in your pantry to store serving ware or dishes that are not frequently used. Think of extra wine glasses, fine china, cake plates, punch bowls, charcuterie boards, etc. 

2. Club Pantry

Classica Pantry in White with La Croix seltzers, Smart Water, paper towels, and color coordinated snacks.

With all the bulk shopping we do at Costco or Sam's Club, a "club pantry" just makes sense. Use the shelves to store excess rolls of toilet paper or paper towels.

3. Cleaning Products

Over The Door Cleaning Kit in White with Meyer's Cleaning products and cleaning rags.

Small pantries make great closets for storing cleaning products. Put the shelves above hip height, making easy storage for your vacuum. The next kitchen pill won't stand a chance!

4. Stations

Select Pantry in White with Keurig and coffee pods.

Use your pantry as a space to get things done. Deep shelves can be utilized as a counter to create a lunch packing station or morning beverage station. Easily store everything you need to make your favorite cup of joe in the pantry next to the coffeemaker. 

5. Small Appliance Storage

freedomRail Pantry in White with a blender and stand mixer on shelf.

Clear off counter space in your kitchen by storing small appliances inside your pantry. Choose an adjustable storage system that will allow you to move the shelves up and down to accommodate the height of different appliances.

Maximize storage space and rethink your pantry. freedomRail® gives you the ultimate functionality for your pantry thanks to its complete adjustability and extensive line of accessories. Design your dream pantry with the Organized Living Online Design Tool. Shop for freedomRail products at or visit your local Dealer today!


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