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How to Plan a Last Minute Halloween

Halloween is one of those holidays that sneaks up on you whether you're prepared or not. In just a blink of an eye, we've gone from back-to-school to Halloween, and you're left wondering where the time went. Here are some quick tips to help get you and your family ready for a fun Halloween!

Last-minute decor ideas.

Pumpkin in a freedomRail Closet with fake spiderwebs and blue wall.

  1. Blow up orange balloons and color with a black magic marker and a jack-o-lantern face to make the balloon look like a pumpkin. Group multiple balloons together to create a festive look.
  2. Repurpose old boxes or pieces of cardboard to create a spooky graveyard in your front yard.
  3. Add a strobe light to your entryway for a spooky way to greet trick-or-treaters.
  4. Use the fake stretchy spider web that you can get at any craft store. Remember, a little goes a long way!

Last-minute costume ideas.

  • Weird Barbie - Put together random pieces of clothing items that don't go together, mismatched shoes, messed up hair, funky makeup, and you're all set!
  • Greaser - For him, a pair of jeans, a white tee, slicked-back hair, converse, and you're all set! For her, an all-black outfit, red shoes, curly hair, and a red lip is all you need!
  • Scooby Doo - All of the characters wear plain-colored clothing and are super easy to DIY with what you have at home!
  • Ghosts - Grab a white bed sheet, draw some eyes or cut out holes and you're good to go!

For more last-minute costume ideas or decorations, check out our Pinterest board full of fun and creative ways to make your Halloween special!


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