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Dorm Sweet Dorm

Whether you're heading to college or sending someone off, it's true that dorm rooms often lack sufficient storage space. However, there's no need to fret because we have you covered. Below are some useful tips to make the most of the limited storage in those small dorm spaces.

Feng Shui

A lot of dorm beds have the option to be positioned differently. Bunk beds are a great option for roommates who may be more comfortable with each other. Consider bunking your bed by itself and placing your desk under your bed! Another great option is lofting the bed. This creates a great height for utilizing under-the-bed storage.

Vertical Storage

Over The Door Kit in Nickel with dark blue door and neutral background.

Whether under-the-bed storage or not, an Over The Door Kit is a great additional piece to add extra storage, it can be used for extra clothing, wallets, bags, pantry items, or cleaning supplies! Add additional hooks and baskets for maximum organization!

Think Outside the Box!


Thinking outside the box, Kitchen Organizers are a great way to store folders, books, and binders. Watch how you can utilize our Kitchen Divider in several ways!

DIY Desk

freedomRail White Desk Kit with shelves and blue background.

If a desk is lacking in a dorm room, our freedomRail® Desk Kit gives the ultimate functional workspace. freedomRail is a great temporary desk solution. Simply install the kit on the wall, and when it’s time to move out, easily uninstall it and take it home.

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