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5 Tips to Utilize Vertical Space

It’s no secret that it can become overwhelming trying to figure out the best ways to utilize your space functionally and visually at the same time. The challenge is when that space is vertical space. Whether you’re a new homeowner, remodeling, or in an apartment, there is always space to organize. We have just what you need to utilize that forgotten space.

Avoid the Floor

Naturally, with the busyness of day-to-day life, things tend to migrate and live on our floors. Whether it’s toys, clothes, bulk pantry items, or cleaning supplies, it’s easy to do. Give yourself easy to reach storage options to help avoid the floor and cut the clutter!

Hang it Up

We tend to think “out of sight, out of mind” but that shouldn’t be the case when we have the options to hang our items. There are so many storage options for hanging, especially when you have the right tools. Go vertical in the garage or mudroom with Activity Organizers, or hang your pants vertically with a Reveal Pant Rack in your closet.

freedomRail White Walk In Closet with Pant Reveal Rack

Utilize the Door

Doors are often the most neglected areas for extra storage space. Consider using an Over the Door Kit for your closet, pantry, cleaning items, or linens! It keeps your items tidy and visually easy to find.

Over the Door Cleaning Kit with blue door and neutral background.

Use Adjustable Solutions

Using organization systems that allow you to customize and use it in your home the best way possible, can make your life stress-free. freedomRail® is a system that is truly adjustable to fit your needs and helps utilize vertical space. Use a Sliding Tie and Belt Rack, Valet Rod, and Reveal Hampers to keep your space clean and functional.

Sliding Tie and Belt Rack with brown ties and neutral background.

Fold Vertically

When hanging isn’t an option, fold your clothes so they are all visible. This trick not only helps you get ready faster in the morning but also allows you to see what you have in your drawers. It takes minimum effort for maximum efficiency!

Use these tips and see your space thrive functionally and your lifestyle to stay busy while organized!

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