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3 Simple Ways to Store Your Sweaters

We all have a love-hate relationship with our sweaters. They are one of the best garments to wear during the winter because of their comfort and style, but the downside is they can be a pain to store.  Thick sweaters take up a lot of space, and finding the best storage solution can be very frustrating. Luckily, we have come up with a few different methods to help you properly store your sweaters that best fit your lifestyle.  

Stack on Shelves

Don’t feel you always have to hang your sweaters or stuff them into your drawers. Stacking folded sweaters on open shelves will clear out a ton of space in your closet. We recommend not piling them too high, or you’ll risk them falling. Depending on the thickness, we recommend no more than 5 sweaters in a pile. This method allows you to quickly grab a sweater and go.

Filing Method


Filing your sweaters in drawers is a great option during winter so you can find the perfect one to wear in seconds. This method is easy. Simply fold your sweaters like you normally would (or check out our folding video above). Instead of stacking them on top of one another, place them vertically as shown in the picture below. This will give you more drawer space and visibility so you can see all of your items. No more digging through and making a mess!

Hang Them Up

A lot of people prefer to hang their clothes. We’ve perfected a sweater hanging technique that prevents stretching and shoulder damage. Try it today to prevent wrinkles and save valuable drawer and shelf space.


Now Pick One

We’ve given you three simple methods to store your sweaters: stack, file or hang. Pick the method that best fits your lifestyle so you’ll no longer have to stress about it again. Take advantage of one of these storage methods to maximize the space in your closet and make your life much easier.  

Create your dream storage solution using the online Design Tool! You'll be able to easily design a system that works best for you and your storage needs. 


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