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Satisfy Your Homebuyers Storage Needs with freedomRail

Are you giving homebuyers the storage they're demanding? According to America at Home Study, having better storage options was ranked number 4 as a feature homebuyers would be willing to pay more for. Differentiate the homes you build by offering ample storage throughout the home to support stress reduction and overall mental wellness for your buyers.

freedomRail Walk-in Pantry in Midnight Live with shelving, wire baskets, and white jars.

Homes provide us with stability and a sense of well-being. Research has shown that clutter and disorganization can have a negative impact on our mental health. The UCLA Center on Everyday Lives and Families found that physical clutter can actually increase cortisol levels, a stress hormone, in our bodies.  freedomRail® is the perfect storage solution to satisfy your homebuyer's needs for high-quality storage when moving into their new home.   

freedomRail Shoe Shelves in White with decorative wallpaper, bright yellow dress, and floor length mirror.

freedomRail combines endless adjustability and exceptional strength to guarantee a lifetime of use. Homebuyers are demanding storage systems that will accommodate their changing needs down the road. They want more than fixed shelving. freedomRail gives homebuyers the adaptability they expect and offers Builders the controlled options they want. Explaining how freedomRail works can open the door for more upgraded closets for you and storage options for them. Storage is always needed whether your homebuyers are a young couple, family, senior, or one person.

freedomRail Playroom Storage in White with names

Homebuyers can choose from eight on-trend finishes that seamlessly tie into their home décor or personal style. From the entry to the pantry to the primary bedroom closet, freedomRail is customizable to fit any shape or size closet, all while staying on budget. With the adjustability of the freedomRail system, homebuyers now have the option to easily add components to their closet system after move-in to accommodate their lifestyle.

To learn more about the products and programs Organized Living has in place to make storage and organization easy for Builders, visit or reach out to a sales representative today.