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May is National Home Remodeling Month

As the housing market remains competitive and people continue to spend an ample amount of time at home, remodeling remained the go-to option for a refreshed space. Houzz found that "55% of homeowners are planning to renovate." Get ahead of the remodels and help your homebuyers from the start.


freedomRail 3 Closet Collage with infant, tween, and adult closets in different styles.

The best advice we can give is to future-proof the home. Ask your homebuyers how they see their lifestyle meshing into their new home for the next few years. Will they need a home office, nursery, bigger entertainment areas, or more storage? These questions can help avoid future plans to remodel.

Check out how homebuyers are wanting flex spaces incorporated into their homes.


According to a study conducted by Freedom Debt Relief, “approximately 60% of homeowners say they can't afford the necessary renovations to their home but are willing to go even more into debt to make it happen.” Help your homebuyers avoid future debt by helping them set their budget to reflect long-term growth in their home.

Make Room for Storage!

freedomRail Dual Desk Office in White with standing desk, standard desk, and office supply storage.

Leaving room for storage is one of the most neglected areas during a remodel or build. Whether the remodel could be for your homebuyer to continue to enjoy their home, or to ready their home to sell, storage is an area homebuyers are wanting! Organized Living’s freedomRail® gives your homebuyers the freedom to create storage that works. Having homebuyers start with freedomRail makes future upgrades and adding-on features easy!

Celebrate and Decorate!

Now it’s time to celebrate! You'll leave your homebuyers living in their dream home for years to come and ease of mind they won't need to remodel.

Homebuyers are happy when they have a home they can grow in. By incorporating these tips into the homes you build, you are guaranteed to have happy homebuyers! To learn more about the products and programs Organized Living has in place to make storage and organization easy for Builders, visit