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Flex Spaces: The New Norm

While homebuyers continue to search for a home that accommodates spaces that can provide multiple uses, multifunctional designs continue to stay top of mind and in high demand. Forbes claims flex spaces are highly considered when designing a room to future-proof the area. Utilizing the space in large walk-in closets for multipurpose functions is rising. Here are the top ways to transform homes to serve the high demand for "flex spaces."

Walk-in Closets

Classica Walk-in Closet in White with women's clothing and fuzzy rug.

Walk-in closets have always been at the top of everyone’s wish list when buying a home. While that remains true, mindsets have shifted to wanting a walk-in closet that can be a “get-ready room.” Closets with vanities to do make-up, hair, and accessories have been the new way to consider walk-in closets.

Work(out) from home!

Workout area in home with yoga mats and mirrors.

Home gyms haven’t gone away, and it doesn’t look like they will. Who doesn’t want to save money on a gym membership and not have to wait in line for equipment? Dedicating a space for a gym has become a new standard for homes. Whether in a spare bedroom, basement, or garage, repurposing an area that may not get used is a great way to add a home gym.

Home offices are taking over!

freedomRail White Dual Desk Office in White with adult and child sections.

Working from home continues! The NAHB shared that 70% of employed people work remotely at least once a week post-COVID. This has shifted homeowners’ priorities to sacrificing space to fit an office or, better yet, a flex space. If adding an office isn’t an option, consider repurposing an unused closet or corner.

Adjustable Storage.

freedomRail Walk-in Closet in Century Gray with women's clothing and accessories.

freedomRail® combines endless adjustability and exceptional strength to guarantee a lifetime of use. Homebuyers are demanding storage systems that will accommodate their changing needs down the road. They aren't satisfied with fixed shelving. They want more. freedomRail gives homebuyers the adaptability that they expect and offers Builders the controlled options they want. Explaining how freedomRail works can open the door for more upgraded closets for you and storage options for them. Storage is always needed whether your homebuyers are a young couple, a big family, a senior, or one person.

Homebuyers are happy when they have someplace to put their stuff. By incorporating these flex space options into the homes you build, you are guaranteed to have happy homebuyers! To learn more about the products and programs Organized Living has in place to make storage and organization easy for Builders, visit